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The ‘Nyquil chicken’ social media challenge isn’t just gross – it’s dangerous

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No, an 'invasion of crocodiles' at a beach did not leave the 'local population panicking'

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Yes, a Colorado law prohibits Mike Tyson from selling his ear-shaped edibles in the state

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No, Trump didn’t say he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on Truth Social


No, entering your PIN backward at the ATM will not call for help in an emergency


No, you shouldn’t use dish soap and baking soda in place of dishwasher detergent

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Irish dancers are not celebrating queen’s death in viral Buckingham Palace video


Many hospitals are required to provide an itemized bill upon request


No, President Biden’s granddaughter didn’t say he’s dead and has been replaced by a twin

Joe Biden

No, a new Instagram update does not change how precise your location appears to other people

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Tanker in viral videos isn’t providing water to Mississippi governor’s mansion

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Rectal cancer patients in remission after promising study, but that doesn’t mean there’s a ‘cure for cancer’


Yes, the Facebook internet tracking settlement is real


No, Florida doesn’t have a statewide banned book list, like viral meme claims


No, viral photo doesn't show Magic Johnson donating blood to help fight COVID-19

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Yes, the Earth spun faster than usual on June 29, but scientists say it is not a cause for concern