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Despite Giants fans’ outrage, the Empire State Building lighting up for a rival team is nothing new


Viral graph falsely claims Earth’s current temperatures are historically low


No, a government-funded food pyramid doesn’t rank Lucky Charms as healthier than steak


These two viral videos don’t show the fatal helicopter crash in Ukraine


Fact-checking images and video claiming to show deadly Nepal plane crash


No, viral video doesn’t show Andrew Tate telling Tucker Carlson he was freed from Romanian custody in December

Social Media

Tweet claiming to be Texas governor’s Christmas message about migrants is fake

Social Media

Video claiming to show Buffalo Walmart looting during blizzard is over two years old


No, Joe Biden didn’t award his uncle a Purple Heart after becoming vice president

Joe Biden

No, a photo of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wearing anti-Trump shirt isn’t real

Pop Culture

Claims that Rep. Katie Porter said pedophilia isn’t a crime are false

Social Media

Yes, some snow globes contain a toxic chemical used in antifreeze


No, you can’t send Christmas cards to ‘recovering American soldiers,’ as meme claims


Viral video of NBA player Steph Curry making 5 full-court shots in a row is fake


There's no $150 Kroger coupon — this is a scam


No, Drew Brees was not struck by lightning