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No, these photographs of Trump hugging Fauci are not real


No, Hillary Clinton didn’t endorse Ron DeSantis for president


Artificial intelligence is getting smarter. Here’s how you can spot it


No, a viral photo does not show an explosion near the Pentagon

Social Media

No, Ryan Reynolds did not endorse Tesla in a viral video


Yes, scammers can use artificial intelligence to impersonate people you know


Viral video of Vice President Kamala Harris saying ‘today is today’ is altered

Social Media

Video of a Tesla Cybertruck being sprayed with bullets is fake

Electric Vehicles

Image of Pope Francis in a white puffer coat was created with AI


Video claiming to show Manhattan DA dropping charges against Trump is fake

Donald Trump

No, these photos don’t show Donald Trump being arrested

Donald Trump

Viral video of Biden saying he's reinstating the draft is a deepfake


Video of Elon Musk saying Twitter employees got clips of Trump saying ‘you’re fired’ is fake


No, deepfake videos and images can’t unlock your smartphone


How to spot manipulated videos, including deepfakes and shallowfakes

Fact Sheets

No, the video of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy urging surrender isn’t real. It’s a deepfake