$500 Speedway fuel cards for $1.95 is a scam

A social media post claiming Speedway gas stations are offering $500 fuel cards for $1.95 is “false information,” a company spokesperson says.
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Gas prices are displayed at a Speedway gas station in Palatine, Ill., Saturday, March 19, 2022. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Gas prices have skyrocketed across the country for several months, and as of June 7, the average price for regular unleaded gas in the United States is $4.91, according to AAA.

As gas prices continue to reach record highs, many Americans are looking for ways to relieve the pain at the pump. In late May, a post shared on Facebook claimed Speedway, a gas station chain with locations primarily in the Midwest and East Coast, was giving away $500 fuel cards for $1.95 to help people out. But is this true?


Is Speedway offering $500 fuel cards for $1.95?



This is false.

No, Speedway is not offering $500 fuel cards for $1.95. 


Speedway is a convenience store and gas station chain that is owned and operated by 7-Eleven. In an email, a 7-Eleven spokesperson told VERIFY the Facebook post claiming Speedway is offering $500 fuel cards for $1.95 is “false information.” The post has also been labeled “false information” on Facebook. 

“We are not running this promotion in Speedway stores,” the spokesperson said. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says consumers should never pay money to claim a prize because true lotteries or sweepstakes don’t ask for money. 

“If anyone asks for money before delivering a prize, it is likely a scam,” the BBB said. 

On its website, Speedway is currently running a sweepstakes in which members of its loyalty program, Speedy Rewards, can enter to win a $500 Speedy Cash gift card that can be used for fuel and merchandise at any Speedway location. The sweepstakes requires 50 rewards points per entry, however, there is no purchase necessary to play or win, according to the terms and conditions

The BBB and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) both share tips on how to identify and avoid fake prize and sweepstakes scams. Both agencies say being asked to pay to increase your odds of winning prizes for sweepstakes you never entered are red flags. If you did enter a contest, doing an internet search of the sweepstakes company to make sure it's legitimate and calling the company directly to see if you really won can help you verify the authenticity of a sweepstakes.

If you think you’ve been the victim of a sweepstakes scam, you can report it to the BBB Scam Tracker or contact the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov. You also can reach out to your state attorney general and your local consumer protection office.

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