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VERIFY's mission is to stop the spread of false information.

What is VERIFY?

VERIFY is dedicated to helping the public distinguish between true and false information. The VERIFY team, with help from questions submitted by the audience, tracks the spread of stories or claims that need clarification or correction. We provide trustworthy, transparent information to prove or disprove them. VERIFY's sources are always provided, allowing the audience to see exactly how the team determines the veracity of any claims.

VERIFY is owned by TEGNA, one of the country's largest owners of local television stations. We work with 49 newsrooms across the country so that VERIFY covers a wide-range of topics that impact diverse communities.

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Our Process

A VERIFY story consists of four key elements: the claim, the sources, the explanation and the answer.

The Claim

We gather claims or questions from our audience via text, email and social media.

The Sources

Our sources are listed at the beginning of every VERIFY story. We only use primary sources to determine the answer. Primary sources include original media like photos and videos, original documents, peer-reviewed studies and vetted experts.

The Explanation

The VERIFY story provides background information about the claim or question and a thorough explanation of the topic so the audience can grasp the full context of the story.

The Answer

We strive to label each claim as true or false based on the information we gather in the reporting process.

Contact Us

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Ethics Policy

VERIFY is committed to the highest ethical standards and dedicated to the principles of truth, independence, public interest, fair play and integrity. See our full ethics policy here.

Corrections Policy

If a correction is warranted, the VERIFY team will quickly and transparently address the error. We will update the existing story across all platforms and include the correction or clarification note in the story text, explaining to our audience what changed and why. Sometimes information changes that requires an update to a previous story. Those instances will be handled in a similar fashion. If you notice an error or want to request a correction, please contact us.

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