No, the federal government isn't sending more stimulus checks, but California is

Talk of a September stimulus check isn’t referring to nationwide checks sent by the federal government. It’s referring to California’s state stimulus checks.
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The federal government has sent out three separate stimulus checks to people nationwide since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the last of those was sent in March 2021

Some Senators and Representatives have pushed for more checks, arguing the last one-time payment wouldn’t last long for most families. One viewer texted VERIFY asking if they had heard correctly that the push was a success and there would be another round of stimulus payments scheduled to come in September.


Is the federal government sending another round of stimulus checks in September?



This is false.

The federal government currently has no plans to send more stimulus money, but the California state government is sending another stimulus check in September to California residents. 


California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill called the California Comeback Plan into state law on July 12. Included in the law was the expansion in scope of stimulus checks sent to Californians, with these checks expected to be sent out in September.

This is actually the second round of what California calls “Golden State Stimulus.” Payments for Golden State Stimulus I began in April and continue to go out to people who have until October 15 to file their taxes. These payments are intended for low-income Californians, such as those making no more than $30,000 on CalEITC and those making no more than $75,000 with a Social Security number.

California’s Franchise Tax Board expects payments for Golden State Stimulus II to begin in September. This round of stimulus checks is designed to expand the scope of the checks to include middle-class Californians, such as all people making up to $75,000, as well. 

People who received the first California stimulus checks will not receive a second, except for an additional boost to those claiming dependents.

A list of laws passed by the current Congress shows that there is no additional legislation that includes stimulus payments to U.S. residents since the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was passed in March.

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