Yes, anyone can join AARP, but some benefits are reserved for adults 50 and older

You can still reap many of the benefits of AARP membership if you're under 50, including discounts on hotel stays, entertainment and more.

AARP calls itself the nation’s largest organization for seniors. Membership comes with perks like discounts at businesses throughout the country, including hotels, car rental companies and more.

But you might be wondering if those outside of their golden years can reap the benefits of AARP, as author Arianna Rebolini claimed in a recent tweet that has more than 81,000 likes. 


Can anyone join AARP regardless of their age?




This is true.

Yes, anyone can join AARP regardless of their age, but some benefits are reserved for those who are 50 and older. 


AARP makes it clear that it works to serve older adults by lobbying for their interests and providing services geared toward seniors. Though AARP originally stood for “American Association of Retired Persons,” the organization says anyone can join regardless of their age.

People ages 50 and older are eligible for a full AARP membership, but members younger than 50 can also access benefits that aren’t age-restricted, according to the organization’s website. For example, The Hartford only offers auto insurance discounts to AARP members who are 50 or older. 

Money Under 30, a finance blog, explains that younger adults can still take advantage of many AARP discounts, including those for hotel stays and rental cars, entertainment and restaurants. A membership with AARP also gives people access to a free assessment to determine if they are eligible for student loan repayment or forgiveness programs. 

A standard AARP membership costs $16 per year, whether you are joining or renewing. Members can save on fees by signing up for automatic renewal, which costs $12 for the first year, or by choosing a longer term of membership, AARP says. Members can also add a spouse or partner for free.

AARP isn’t the only organization geared toward older adults that offers membership for anyone. People younger than 50 can join the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) as associate members and still qualify for many benefits that 50-plus members receive, according to its website. AMAC also offers travel, dining and entertainment benefits, among others. 

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