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Transgender women's advantage in sports is inconclusive due to lack of data


No, there will not be a tree planted for every pet picture posted to Instagram campaign

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Yes, the killing of Ahmaud Arbery led to changes in Georgia law


Fact-checking 5 claims about conservatorships


Yes, the Taliban denied women education the last time they ruled Afghanistan


No, Texas has not banned schools from teaching about MLK’s speeches or KKK’s history with white supremacy


No, Japan isn’t banning Black Lives Matter apparel during anthems at the Olympics. That's an IOC decision


Yes, Chauvin is one of very few police officers convicted of murder


No, Chicago police did not tweet ‘We are all Derek Chauvin’

Chauvin Trial

No, $20 billion is not enough money to eradicate homelessness in the US

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Three Minneapolis officers at scene with Chauvin are charged in Floyd’s death

Chauvin Trial

The $27 million Floyd family settlement is not connected to the Chauvin trial

Chauvin Trial

VERIFY: Anti-Asian hate crimes have increased during COVID-19 pandemic

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VERIFY: Families with students can get free home internet if they didn't have it before