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At VERIFY, we’re dedicated to answering your questions, combating misinformation and bringing you the facts backed up by credible sources. You’ve read VERIFY’s stories online and seen our fact-checks on social media and on local TV stations. Now, VERIFY is excited to share a new weekly show: VERIFY This. 

On VERIFY This, hosts Ariane Datil and Brandon Lewis distinguish between fact and fiction so the viewers can determine whether viral claims online are true or false, and also share some fun facts along the way. Have a question you want them to answer? Email us at and/ or tag us @VerifyThis on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. You can also sign up for daily fast facts and text us questions by texting “VERIFY” to 202-410-8808. 

To watch, click on the link below and/or subscribe to our YouTube channel here.  Each episode is also available under the VERIFY section on your local TEGNA station streaming app.

Watch previous episodes: 

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