Photo of Donald Trump manipulated on parody ‘Winter White House’ Christmas card

A parody Christmas card made to look like it came from former President Donald Trump was manipulated. It was created using a Getty Images photo of Trump from 2019.

Editor's Note: This story includes graphic images. 

A Christmas card made to appear like it came from former President Donald Trump has been shared thousands of times across social media.

The Christmas card features Trump in a tuxedo, with the text: “Merry Christmas from the Winter White House December 2021,” with Trump’s name and presidential seal. A nativity scene also can be seen in the background. 

Some Twitter users are sharing the card claiming it is real.

Credit: Screenshot/Twitter
Social media post falsely claiming 'Winter White House' Christmas card is real


Is the Christmas card claiming to be from former President Donald Trump real?



Credit: Screenshot

No, this photo is a parody. The photo that was used of Donald Trump was digitally manipulated. The original photo of Trump was taken during a visit with Queen Elizabeth in 2019. 


The photo of former President Donald Trump that can be seen on the ‘Winter White House’ Christmas card was taken from a Getty Images photo of Trump with Queen Elizabeth. Trump was photographed with the queen and former First Lady Melania Trump in June 2019 during a visit to the United Kingdom.

The 'Winter White House' Christmas card does not appear on the official Trump merchandising website and has not been shared as the official Christmas card from anyone affiliated with the Trump organization.

VERIFY was able to confirm the Christmas card was cobbled together using different imagery by running an error level analysis using FotoForensics, an open-source image analysis tool. The error level analysis identifies areas in a photo that have different compression levels. When different elements are added to an image (i.e. an overlay) the compression level changes. 

Credit: Screenshot/FotoForensics

This analysis showed there was significant editing done to the shape of the tuxedo, the text overlay, the sleigh over Trump’s head and the ornaments featuring several members of the Trump family. 

“With JPEG images, the entire picture should be at roughly the same level. If a section of the image is at a significantly different error level, then it likely indicates a digital modification,” FotoForensics explains on the website

Journalist Aaron Rupar, who covers politics and policy for Vox, wrote on Twitter he received a copy of the real Trump Christmas card in his inbox. He shared a photo of a Christmas card sent by the Trump organization to supporters.

That same Christmas card is on sale for $10 on Trump’s website. VERIFY reached out to the Trump organization but did not hear back at the time of publication.

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