Yes, Netflix is giving away DVDs once it stops disc rentals

Netflix will ship out its final red envelopes by the end of September. Customers can keep any DVDs they still have by then and some could receive surprise discs.

Once upon a time, before it became the streaming giant it is today, Netflix was a movie rental service that would send people DVDs in the mail. But that will be a thing of the past soon when Netflix ships its final discs on Sept. 29, 2023.

VERIFY reader Rick asked what would happen to Netflix’s DVDs when the company’s movie rental service ends.


Is Netflix giving away DVDs when it stops renting out discs?



This is true.

Yes, Netflix is giving away DVDs when it stops renting out discs.

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Netflix will ship out DVDs for the last time on Sept. 29, 2023, co-CEO Ted Sarandos said in an April announcement. Customers can keep any unreturned DVDs free of charge after that point, according to Netflix’s FAQ page for the end of its rental service.

“You will not be charged for any unreturned discs - please enjoy them for as long as you like!” Netflix says. “If you do choose to return the disc, we will continue to accept returns until October 27th, 2023.”

Netflix is also giving away a chunk of its DVDs. In a tweet on Aug. 17, DVD Netflix said some subscribers could receive one to 10 extra discs on the subscription service’s last shipping day.

Some people, including a freelance writer for DVD Netflix, shared a screenshot of an email about the disc giveaway on social media.

“If you click below by August 29th, you could find up to 10 extra discs in your mailbox,” the email reads in part. “These finale discs will be sent out on September 29th, our very last shipping day. You won’t know if any extra envelopes are headed your way until they arrive in your mailbox!”

The deadline to sign up for Netflix DVDs’ final month and to opt in for the opportunity to receive free random discs has passed.

Netflix’s FAQ page says that the company is unable to sell the DVDs in its rental inventory. The company does not say what it will do with its leftover DVDs that subscribers don’t keep.

When Blockbuster closed its rental stores and by-mail service, it required customers to return all rented discs to Blockbuster or be charged for the outstanding DVDs.

Netflix did not respond to multiple requests for comment by the time of publication. 

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