No, there isn't going to be a 'second inauguration' for Donald Trump this summer and you can't buy tickets

A viral image claims to show tickets for former President Donald Trump’s ‘second inauguration’ being sold for $1,200.

Update: After this story was published, Ted Nugent's tour dates on his website were updated and his tour no longer shows a conflict on Aug. 15, 2021. 

While Joe Biden decisively won the 2020 presidential election, online users are still sharing a viral image of tickets for sale to the second inauguration of former President Donald Trump, without evidence Trump actually won the election. 

The two tickets are marked on sale for $1,200 each, and Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are listed as headliners for the event.


Are the tickets to the “second inauguration of Donald Trump” real?



This is false.

No, these tickets are not real. Former President Donald Trump is not being inaugurated a second time as president, and there is not an event for an inauguration with tickets available. 


Twitter user @PamelaApostolo1 posted the image on June 13, and at the time of writing the tweet had more than 7,500 interactions. The tweet was also shared across Facebook.

i can't believe anyone would be dumb enough to pay $1200 for a ticket to Trump's second inauguration. I can get you a four pack for $2000.

Posted by Steve O'Donnell on Monday, June 14, 2021

The photo was manipulated to include the event information using a stock photo from, a stock content agency that sells royalty-free images, VERIFY found. The same watermarks from the image posted to Twitter confirm it was originally attributed to the stock content agency (see image below).

Credit: VERIFY

Additionally, the same metadata (event code, section/aisle, row/box, etc.) on the stock imagery is exactly the same as the image tweeted. 

According to the event website from the U.S. Capitol, there isn’t an event scheduled on August 15. There are no events listed on the website or social media accounts for Donald Trump. 

As of June 15, Ted Nugent’s tour website said on August 15 the singer would be performing at the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda, New York. Nugent's website now states the tour was moved to 2022. Kid Rock will be at Mt. Pleasant, Michigan’s Soaring Eagle Casino on August 15.

Photos of the tickets were also shared across anonymous imageboard pages and semi-closed and pseudo-anonymous social networks. 

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