Fireball Cinnamon doesn't contain whisky but still has alcohol

According to the company, customers have to look closely to the labels.

ATLANTA — A newly filed lawsuit from a woman in Illinois claimed the popular "Fireball Cinnamon" shooters don't actually contain whisky. 

Specifically, the lawsuit calls out the small bottles, often called shooters, about 1.5 ounces, or a standard shot. 

11Alive is taking a look at the claims and verifying the facts. 


Fireball Whisky, Sazerac Company Inc. 

Court documents filed with the complaint


Is there no whisky in "Fireball Cinnamon"?


This is true.

The claim is true. There isn't any whisky in "Fireball Cinnamon," -- but there is alcohol.


Though they appear identical, there are actually two different labels customers could see when running into Fireball products by Sazerac Company Inc.; consumers only need to look for the word "whisky."

When taking a closer look at the labels on Fireball products, some read "Fireball Cinnamon," while other bottles read "Fireball Whisky."

The labeling misleads consumers into believing they are drinking liquor, the lawsuit stated. 

Sazerac Company defines their Fireball Cinnamon as a malt-based and wine-based alcoholic beverage. The malt, the wine-based drink, is rated 33-proof, whereas the whisky-based products are 66-proof.

This allows the company to sell its malt-based and wine-based alcoholic beverages in places that don't sell liquor, like grocery stores. Sazerac claims 170,000 sellers do not sell Fireball Whisky but instead could sell Fireball Cinnamon.

Under the whisky company's frequently asked questions page, it explains Fireball Cinnamon is a malt-based product.

An 11Alive crew went down to a local Tower Beer, Wine and Spirits to check the labels. The shooters of Fireball the store was selling were 66-proof whisky-based products.

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