Yes, it's illegal to take money that has fallen off an armored vehicle in North Carolina

You could be charged with a felony if you’re caught.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Bystanders grabbed over $100,000 in cash that fell from an armored truck in west Charlotte Thursday morning, police said.

Police appear to still be looking for portions of the missing money. A lot of people on social media are poking fun at the situation saying they wish they were there when it happened.

But CMPD is calling the people who took the cash “suspects" and the missing $100,000 is classified as a “theft.”

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 Is it illegal to keep money that has fallen off an armored truck? 


Yes, it is illegal to take money that has fallen off an armored truck. In fact, you could be charged with a felony if you’re caught.

This is true.


  • CMPD
  • The North Carolina General Assembly
  • Attorney Gary Mauney


A police report filed by CMPD classifies this open investigation as a “felonious larceny," meaning the theft of personal property that can be punished with prison time.

But isn’t this a matter of “finders keepers”? How is this any different from picking up a dollar bill on the sidewalk?

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Attorney Gary Mauney says it’s not the same thing.

And going back to our “dollar bill” example: picking up that dollar and just keeping it is actually illegal in the Tarheel State.

North Carolina law says taking lost property, including money, is considered theft if the finder does not make a reasonable effort to return the item to its rightful owner.

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